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Thanksgiving Edition: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, November 24th

For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a great day with your friends and family.  Regardless of what good or bad happens during the year it’s a day I look around the table and see my wife and daughter and it’s automatically a good year.  Everything else I accomplish is a bonus.  I also ask that all of you do something for someone else today.  Doesn’t have to be anything big.  Doesn’t have to be monetary.  Just do something nice for someone that doesn’t expect it.  I’ll it start off by wishing Konstantinos Zournas a great day.  Although he doesn’t celebrate an American Thanksgiving I hope his day goes well.    Here are today’s names.  Click for current price.

Domain of the Day:   

Names I Like with Multiple Bids   Getting a huge price.  Tons of love here.  166 bids  19 years Old.  Gene is the key in this one IMO   County AND Western  Getting bids because of the  TVs or adult  Unless you’re a penguin  365 and 360 names do well in China because of their meaning of  “all the time” or “all directions”   piggy bank or shelter for unwanted house swine   19 years old.  Mortgage origination all the way  H can be anything you want it to be.  As long as the anything starts with H   Prepper name   I swear I didn’t say you were   Orange Quality Public Relations  Good money in WordPress Themes


Domains With One or NO Bids Originally registered 20 years ago. No bids the plural takes it from saving money to adult Now we’re back to money. No bids Evidently she’s on a vacation far away. One bid I still use an 808 for my beats. But I assume the bid is just because of the 8s No bids. It comes up all the time. Somebody, somewhere is going to want to stop a tax increase Not a bad brand for $12 Either amazing product to rake leaves or poker name Great marketing name for a hearing aid For $12 you’re getting a solid gambling name. No bids Not sure what it means or who uses the term but I giggled when I saw it and that’s good enough to make the list One bidder. Sounds like a video game I actually see this as a cannabis name. Nobody else does. No bidders Actually belongs in the top list. Has quite a few bids. Upgrade domain for places that share the name A bargain at $15 but would be surprised to see it end under $250


Short Liquid/Kind of Liquid Names


Names That Have Bids


NameJet  Because some people spell defense with a C for some reason.  We put it between neighbors.  We put up de fence   This is my most emailed about that I own. I should say owned because its no reserve    All consonants.  Except for the one vowell   Good marketing name if this is what you do.  No reserve, no bids No bidders. A good diet is simply good meal selection.  Eat this, not that  The last similar name went for $650   One of my favorite names on the list today.  It’s what we all crave.  Just to be satisfied and content.  but some can’t get no    Wax is a canna term   whales  No bids, no reserve   Two 8s will get it up above a with zeros and 4s   People in Miami have to eat too   It’s met reserve and all good Western letters  Good enough pattern that the dot net is getting bids   exudes smooth   Not a lot of bids but solid debt name  Not a bad name at the right price   So many uses.  Swimming, golf, and one other thing

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FLIPPA and SEDO   In case is too expensive for you     same with the 8  A lot cheaper than  Dance with the one you brought



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Take a look at some of the names coming  Here is the FULL LIST

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