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The Bad Habits We Have While Sitting In Front of the Computer For Hours

We all do it.  Sit in front of the computer for hours on end.  Staring, typing, reading.  To be a good domainer, it takes a lot of screen time to do research or communicate.  To offset the lack of physical movement I run 7-10 miles a day and swim 3-5 times a week so I really don’t worry about the weight thing but I do have two bad habits.  I drink a frickin tanker truck of Diet Coke and snack on pumpkin seeds continuously.   My dentist can’t believe I have any enamel left on my teeth and I still have a nice bright smile (or so my wife says).  My wife can tell when I’m excited because I shovel seeds into my mouth like I’m feeding a dolphin for doing a trick.  I don’t smoke or drink coffee so I guess things could be worse.  I tried to go off caffeine one year.  After a week, I though my head was going to implode.  It was bad enough that I actually went to my doctor to see if I had broken a blood vessel in my head or something.  He told me no and added that it might be easier to cut back rather than cut off.  Like every smoker I’ve ever met, that’s what I did and slowly over time the 1 or 2 a day turned into a tanker truck.

As for the pumpkin seeds, I had to get them in bulk.  The small packages were killing me.  I started my own production facility.  It took a lot of practice but I’ve learned to match the flavor and texture of David’s.  Not that any of you care but if you do the here’s the key…Boil them for 10 minutes first before the roasting.

I’ve talked to several domainers (and daytraders since I used to be one) and we’re all the same.  We all can sit down at a computer and completely lose track of time.  It’s not unusual for me to sit down and next thing I know, 6 hours have passed, even a whole day.  When asked questions by our wife or children we never fully hear them.  I own a real brick and mortar business so I actually have to go to work so it isn’t a real problem for me but I can see how it could easily become one.  After I stopped daytrading I made a decision to always stop what I was doing every hour and take a 5 minute break and to turn and look when my daughter asks a question. I can see why the full time domainers go to conferences and tradeshows.  To get out of the damn house.

I’d be interested to see how others handle the long hours in front of the screen. Anyone have any bad habits or stories about long hours at the computer?

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