The Big Reveal: Wednesday’s Top Domain Sales Results from Godaddy,Namejet and More 2-13

Feb 13 2013

Day two of my daily sales reports from around the Internet.  As I stated yesterday I am going to concentrate on today’s sales from Godaddy and Namejet because they are the sales that aren’t generally made public.  I think it’s nice for everyone to be able to use them as comps.  Here are today’s sales that I tracked and feel free to add any sales you watched as well to help out some fellow domain investors


(links to actual auctions so you can see domain data and bidders)  $162 $305 $41 $51 $1002 $227 $138 $494 $1294 $800 $35 $305 $305 $140 $752 $365  $925

GoDaddy Auctions: Find, buy & sell domain names


NameJet  $1200  $820

(starting to follow more Namejet names so this list will grow in time)


Again, feel free to add any prices in the comments


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