The Daily List of Auction and Dropping Domains 9/15

Sep 16 2011

If you missed it last night you missed one of the better domain snooping technique articles written and of course it was written by Jamie of DotWeekly.  He also revealed that someone is going to get up before Fusible to get the scoops on the day’s new domain registrations.  Maybe he didn’t say that maybe it was an email.   Now onto today’s names. Twenty year old domain from 1992.  That’s enough for me 1995 birthday.  Not sure how the owner would monetize this but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as someone else is willing to pay more than you did on the next sale. PR5 will only add to the price I would love to see a cam on the beach.  Love the ladies, not a big fan of the European male banana hammocks or short shorts. Most people seem to leave these out. 1 bidder so this will go pretty cheap 1991 domain and although not a valuable name, still an awesome name.  Nothing says unprofesional like shaving the monkey. Ask Terrell.  Rodeo Bulls are a million dollar business. 3 years ago this was a thousand dollar name.  I think it was my thousand dollar name 3 letter dot org with repeating letter.  Probably hits a grand If you like to buy traffic then you’ll like this.  According to Godaddy it gets 105,000 hits a month.   Already over $1000 but if the numbers are even close this is a heck of a great price. Not sure who’s going to do the judging

Chris’ Picks Not seeing a lot that I like today but I do like this.  A 5 letter domain perfect for a New York food blog. The right end user will come on this one eventually. People are dying to stop illegal cemetery schemes. See, told you there’s not much out there today.

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  1. Terrell

    Nice buy for someone on for 1600 EUR / 2200 US. You couldn’t buy the real animal for that… maybe a few straws of rodeo bull semen but that’s about it.

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