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The Photos Are In: Kim Kardashian and I Look Breathtaking

And for a week you guys thought the only crush I had was on Andrew Rosener. But the fact of the matter is I DO have a little thing for Kim Kardashian. She’s not my body type, my personality type, or my type type, but I like her and I had the pleasure of meeting her at Webfest. While Kim didn’t allow any photos during her talk she (and Oversee) was nice enough to invite a few people to take some photos during lunch. This is the result. Ugly old me and Kim. I have to admit it looks a little photoshopped but I can attest that it’s real. I thought she looked fantastic. Say what you want about her boobs or her butt but her face is flawless. Incredible skin and gorgeous eyes. Thank goodness you can’t see where my other hand is.

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18 Replies to “The Photos Are In: Kim Kardashian and I Look Breathtaking”

  1. I see her deep eyes look like a Tiger and all guys in a 10 m -distance around her never know they are little goats for the dinner

  2. Wow! Awesome photo! Wasn’t Kanye jealous of this photo? If I would be on Webfest I bet Kim would take photos with me all the time – just because of my surname 😉

  3. Im sure his response will either be “Shane you cant tell me nothing” or “Shane I know you got game but Kanye had the best girl friend of all time”

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