The Weekend’s Big List of Auction and Dropping Domain

Oct 08 2011

If you use Dropday you’ll see that Sergie got the speed back up yesterday.  It’s back to flying.  I used to have to go mow the lawn in between searches but that seems to be fixed.  I actually had my list done in an hour rather than have to wait 3 hours for things to load.  I’ll be adding more names to the list but this was a first pass for this morning. Everyone love gifts and everyone loves shopping so this sounds like a good combination.1995 Birthday Web writer, text broker, same difference Great place to have kids learn and practice handwriting. Good letters.  I sound kinda 2007ish when I say that Acceptable in the US, necessity in North Korea I think the present price of $100 is a steal 58 bidders means this name must be worth something One of my favorite movies I’ve never seen them in concert but I’ve heard good things about this Broad Band.  I’m assuming it’s all girl Rock and Roll band.  Maybe you could give out back stage passes on the site.  Get it? Access You never close your eyes…anymore….when I kiss your lips.  That song alone may give this value Very popular right now

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