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The Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Tubes

Yesterday was a lucky Friday the 13th as expected.  Got all my problems solved.  Every frickin one.  Not all exactly the outcomes I wanted, but solved.  And it finally snowed so I finally got back some of the money I invested in equipment.  This weekend’s project?  Get all my domains in a spreadsheet so I can manage them properly AND so that if I die my wife can find my portfolio and sell it to Merlin Kauffman.  That’s assuming that he even wants it. Now onto the names.  Get and you’ve got the iPhone cornered.  Goes early this morning.  Has met reserve and I think the price is cheap right now.  Ending in 8 will double the price  Ending in 4 will cut it in half  There are some companies moving to a no email system. Have no idea how they’ll pull it off  Used to be perfect for Robert Cline until I shamed him into retirement.  One of those age brandables that will pay off it you get it real cheap.  Easy to say and has plenty of uses. To me sounds like an advertising company.  Tiger with an “A” so its cool. Spanish for Hot  As descriptive as you can get.  11 year old domain  A bit Applish but still nice It’s where you hung out if you couldn’t get in a fraternity.  Or at least that’s what they brainwashed me to think.  Good college domain  I like booster names.  Video is going to catch on in the future.  I have a knack for predicting these types of things so follow my lead  I hear the word badges and all I think of is conferences.

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  1. “ Ending in 8 will double the price”
    “ Ending in 4 will cut it in half”


    That is so obvious since “4” IS half of “8”.


    1. Trico,

      But in this case a 4 would be worth 25% of an 8. Think about it. If 8 is worth double and 4 is worth half. If the set price is 10 and 8 is double that’s 20. If 4 is half that ‘s 5. That’s why I was superior at 5th grade math. Only problem, I still have 5th grade Grammar.

  2. Yeah, I read about that “no email” thing because of the trail it leaves and how this big company was going to use paper notes that were written by hand.

    That’s some of the funniest sh*t I’ve heard in some time, like paper notes are more trackable and manageable, and won’t be sneaked out of the office by employees.

    They’ll have to come up with an different idea. That won’t work better than email.

  3. “That’s why I was superior at 5th grade math.”

    Sadly, I am one of those not smarter than a 5th grader.


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