The Weekend’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

Oct 29 2011

Can’t believe another weekend is here.  Yet again I have to work Saturday and family event Sunday.  I think it’s been 6 months since I didn’t have almost every hour of every day planned.  I guess it doesn’t help that I spend my extra time trying to kill myself with endurance events.  Speaking of.  I am planning 2013 and have added Comrades (56 miles) and the Leadville 100 to my events that year.  I think that should be enough by themselves.  Now onto this weekend’s names. If you custom build anything you NEED this domain.  Unless you custom build action figures because that’s just weird. Great CVCV but if I’m starting a name I definitely want to go with it. Means Disgust or sicken (someone) with an excess of sweetness, richness, or sentiment.  I use it everyday in my vocab but then again I have a razor sharp, rubiks cube in 18 second, mind.  And I’m a liar. I am a bit partial to Illinois I admit Had to look this one up.  Already at $1000 This one’s mine and I think you should pay $8000 for it Great name.  Not sure what for but no bidders so you won’t have to invest too much to figure it out Quite a name for no bidders Same here. I was going to make a joke about stealing this one but too cliche. You shouldn’t get burned on this one either with the low amount of bidders There are plenty of site submitter sites out there but you could be THE site submitter Yes please

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  1. Ms Domainer


    Thanks for the tip.

    Gave me an idea for another domain for my son’s business and was able to hand reg it. It’s an info, but HUGE keywords for my son’s biz (I won’t spam by revealing here–just wanted to thank you!)



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