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Hoping to unveil a new layout to the blog this weekend if all goes well.  Some will like it, some will not.  Kind of like my new haircut that I also will be unveiling this weekend.  So as you can see, its going to be a very exciting two days.  Now here are the names.   The kind of name that can bring a good price because its cute and easy to say.  Pick up and you have a nice pair.   5 years ago this was $200.  Let’s see how much it brings You know I like domains and this is a real purty one  Great letters and the O for Organization is a good ending  The net turns me off but I would still be a buyer if there are no other bidders  Nice name if you are from Nebraska  This was the original name for a large domaining event but it never came to be so it’s up for auction  Nothing says personal like online  I think you could do a lot worse for $69.  Actually if you want to see bad you should watch me ski. I ski like I have a stick up my ass and pizza, frenchfries all the way down the hill.  School closing info?  Better idea than the “weather bear”


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11 Replies to “The Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping”

  1. “ This was the original name for a large domaining event but it never came to be so…”

    Too bad.

    That event would have brought out the female Domainers.


  2. I guess going to get money in $xxxx … 🙂 is also good name for online editor or Photo editor site… All the best for them..

  3. People will get used to the site. You have a FaceBook Page for the site as well! I’m a Fan. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks John,

    Like all good things it takes time. I find most people don’t come through the front of the site. They come through the links. I want people to be able to find some of the good old post and most blogs are dedicated to only current posts. There is some good stuff from the past and the new look is a good way to bring it to the front.

  5. Content-wise, it’s great because you have easy access to older articles, and you have a lot of them. Design-wise…it’s a lot of gray. Because of that, nothing really stands out. But then again, content is what people are after, and most domainers aren’t very picky in terms of aesthetics.

    1. Nadia,

      I have method to my madness. The grey allows me to choose what I want to stand out by adding color. I admit at this point it’s very neutral by choice. The posts will have icons to the left that could help a particular article stand out. And you are right, most people could care less about how pretty a site is. They want easy to use, easy to find good content, and easy to read. Men especially could care less. The only people that really care are designers because they always think they can do a better job. You could give them a design that was voted by a million people the best design ever created and they still think they can do better. Design is art and art is subjective.

  6. It’s a nice design, Shane. I think you appreciate honesty rather than anything contrived, so I was just pointing some things out. Grey-on-grey can make things hard to read, from an accessibility standpoint. I fully admit that I’m more visually oriented than most and that a site’s overall look plays into how I feel about and trust the brand (I’m splitting hairs here, obviously I visit your site on a daily basis and am a fan I’m talking in general).
    And being visual has nothing to do with being a woman – I do come from more of an “artsy” background. I’m going to notice when things aren’t centered right away, much as you would spot something on a plant’s leaf more quickly than someone with an untrained eye. As far as the majority of your audience goes, I think you’re right that they aren’t going to care too much about details, but men are by nature visual creatures.

    I agreed with you that content is king. And great content deserves great design! It’s impossible to please everyone, and if your goal was to serve up your blog’s content more efficiently to your audience, mission accomplished. 🙂
    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

    1. Nadia.

      Oops. What I said may have come across wrong. I didn’t think of you as a woman or a designer in my statement and by no means was directed at you. I apologize if it came across as rude. I appreciate a good designer and the abilities of women. I think I am qualified to say this because my mother is a woman.

  7. Not sure where you are seeing grey on grey beside the homepage and that is only Latest Posts and Featured boxes where the date is. The thing is; not everything should be made to pop out at the user in web design and not every element should be made to struggle for the user’s (limited) attention. Art is only one element of web design and it should never get in the way of functionality, purpose and overall goals. I almost went with a more artsy element for Shane’s site. Matter of fact I was going to illustrate his picture and put it in the header and have flowers popping out .com and the other domain extensions but in the end it simply wouldn’t have fit and been nothing more than eye candy.

    The choices for colors were for similar reasons as Shane’s. He has a lot of content and it was designed to showcase his posts and increase page views.

    Thanks for the critic, Nadia. The comment boxes could probably be lighter and maybe the ones on the homepage as well. Shane, when you get back we can go over that.

    You two have a good time at DomainFest.

  8. Not a problem – I’m not easily offended Shane, so I didn’t take it that way at all. I give you and Tia huge kudos for getting everything done. Mine is basically done, but not 100%, and I can’t seem to get the last bit finished because I’m always taking my dog to the dog park, or eating cinnamon pancakes at IHOP, which is where I am now.

    It’ definitely a plus that all of the archived articles are so easily accessible – there are some gems, and I’m amazed you’re able to crank out 2-3 per day. See you soon. I’m hoping Paul Goldstone is as entertaining and crazy in real life as he seems online.

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