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The Weekly Excavation of Some Treasures in the Portfolio

You may have heard I do a little daily synopsis of names at auction that I think are worth owning or at least taking a look at.  In the past I’ve skipped over because I’ve always assumed that it’s just a giant list of names that were geared towards other domainers and then I got to thinking.  So is every other name I’ve been pointing out so why not pick through the CAX list as well.  I’ll try to hit the list once or so a week and pick out some names I think are worth taking a look at.  And of course, we’re going to have a little fun doing it. When it comes to tlds, Google doesn’t discriminate against .us and that makes it great for product sites.  With 74,000 searches and a $200 price tag, this is my BARGAIN ON THE BOARD. With a $29 CPC you can pay for this domain in 4 clicks.  I’m not sure if women can get car insurance but if they are ever allowed to drive this would be a great name.  Sorry ,I forgot I’m not in Dubai I know you’re going to think I’m crazy but domains with Purple as the adjective do very very well.  I have a couple purple clothing domains and they all make a couple hundred a year with little to no effort.  Bedding domains also do quite well.  Put the two together and the reserve of $150 is a good buy. You’d do well to get this at $350.  I buy these every year for my mums and I certainly could remember where to get them with this name. It could also be a good name for a basketball related site.  Either way it’s memorable and cheap You know what compost tea is good for?  Growing marijuana.  I only know because the growers buy it from me all the time.  This thing is at $50.  You’ll make more that in ads in the first month of your site. If the dot net can get to the first page of Google with that shitty site than you can do better.  In short, you can get to the first page on Google for $50 and have a domain named after product people like me actually buy. While I’ve never had one, I’ve heard from Mike Sullivan that they are awesome.  For $200 you could make the Manicure version of  DogWalkers and be rolling in the dough or should I say rolling in the nail filings.  91K searches Every person in the world owns one of these.  At $5500 I don’t think you’d have trouble making your money back in a few years if you set up a proper site.   It seems like sleeping bags are getting warmer, lighter and more expensive every year. While I must admit the blow up mattress has lessened the use of sleeping bags at parties, you look like a giant wuss when you bring out the blow up on your accent of Everest. See Wrenches.  Another important element to a domain is looking at the competition for the first page of google.  And despite 40,000 searches I am pretty confident you can get to the first page of Google quickly with this name.

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  1. Nice list. I particularly like and (though you wrongly reported the much more desirable singular version of the latter).

  2. I like the domains over at CAX and there have been some additions to the interface recently when viewing the recently listed domains. I have found a couple of bargains over there myself, one of which was a site i intend to use as my partners domain in the profession that she is in. Not the category defining .com but it’s still a .net so i was pleased given the amount. Great for domainers to liquidate domains, and great for domainers who have the patience to work with them.

  3. Someting I implemented few days ago: now shows a small colored square (red, orange, green, blue) in front each listing that show the ratio between the reserve price and appraisal. This column can be sorted. This allows to order by buying interest and immediately see what is bargain and what is overpriced.

    Domain owners cannot longer submit domains at, they submit domains at and according this ratio list them also in or no.

    Thanks for the post Shane!

  4. Very nice post (Not only because I own the first and last domains in the list) but because you’ve mentioned a very important fact in here.. you said “Google doesn’t discriminate against .us and that makes it great for product sites”… End users still need sometime “I am having a hard time” to get convinced that for a fraction of the price, you can still get a great domain that would do as good as a .com would.

    Again, Great post.


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