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THIS Is The Dream of Every Domain Seller

The dream of all domain sellers is to have two people that really want your domain.  The auction of over at Namejet had exactly that.  Two bidders who bid back and forth for $10,000. It started around $7900 and kept going.  I only hope they have enough money for my CVCV coming up next month

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    1. Acro,

      Most people know who bought it and there is no doubt it’s worth the price paid. Fortunately for the seller, two people knew the value. And yes the buyer is one of the bigger players in the industry

  1. Apart from being a CVCV It’s also a German dictionary word meaning rabbit or hare.

  2. But that means selling at a fair price as determined by the market. I thought that was the nightmare

  3. “hase” has different meanings in other languages.

    For example in German

    Hase = “Rabbit”
    Hase = “sweety” or “honey” used in German slang.

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