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This Weekend’s Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Owen Frager has been emailing me some of the companies (or people that work for those companies) that read these daily picks.  He goes through all his visitors to see who is visiting his site that come through my leads. I have not been as dilligent because I was just happy that anyone was actually reading.  Just because someone from Ford Motor company visits my site doesn’t mean that they are the domain buyer for Ford but you never know.  Here are the picks for the weekend. 1996 Birthday.  Even if you aren’t an ad expert you can still blog about it. A perfect ambulance chaser lawyer domain. No bidders and a 1997 Birthday Mine is super hidden.  1997 Birthday and DMOZ listed.  1 bidder You ever tried to decipher the phone plans of the carriers.  I have a better shot at reading the Chinese instructions to put together my gas grill. Make a site that makes them much easier to understand Not saying this is valuable but a great play on worms for a video game or app and I can see the “i” in the name being a worm. 2000 Birthday A lot of bidders so bring your checkbook One of the best names that’s come across godaddy in the last few weeks Everyone loves cartoons I think this is trademarked but the future of firearms. Forum names always seem to do well I’ll be bidding on this one. Love the name.  Insurance so fast you’ll freak.  I think that may actually be Jimmy John’s slogan

Domain Spotlight:

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