Thursday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping

Oct 20 2011

A shout out to Aaron of HybridDomainer for stopping by the nursery and saying hello yesterday.  I love it when readers of the blog stop by (unless they are coming to attack me).  The dude rode his bike from Colorado to Illinois to come help his family work this fall and since he was in the area he figured he’d stop by.  Heck of a nice guy and glad to hear he makes enough to live on from domain investment and site building.  I love hearing that domains have given a person the opportunity to enjoy life and still pay the bills because there are so many people leaving right now to take a regular paying jobs. Now onto the names.  There are too many solid dot nets to list. You’ll have to filter through them with DropDay Already at 200 bidders.  I think you’ll be lucky to get this under $4000 Half of all married people do. Maybe you could promote your site on Ashley Madison Would make a nice pair with Get the cheap version of the name Cloud.  No bidders Means “Fighting Chicken” in Spanish or something Not a real valuable domain but no bidders and good brand I don’t normally recommend CVCV.nets but this one is an exception Another fine dot net.  I’m getting a little nervous with all the quality dot nets coming to market And that’s why I’m not buying this.  You know I love plants but I have enough names to build out or sell right now and many are better than this one. Still a nice name though Open source iTunes is coming with .  I just wrote your slogan and now own 5% of your company If I move to Paris and write a blog this is definitely going to be my blog’s name

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