Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-7-12

Jun 07 2012

Great list of names available today.  All the auction house’s list are pretty deep.  You’ll want to do a little digging yourself because of the amount of good names.  There are three names you definitely want to buy.  Here is today’s list   My name.  I have a fairly high reserve on it but I think its a perfect brand if you are going to sell something   I know it’s wrong but all I think of is old people when I think of Scottsdale.   Obviously they rent the hell out of stuff according to the amount of bidders Deserving of it’s present price. I think I will buy it to sell underwear No bidders but lots of businesses and places with this name Three letter dot org and also the name of a boy/girl Great saying. Already high and will probably triple from here Nothing like a set of double Ds  Pronounceable and cool looking  My name again.  I bought it because it was pretty.  Looked like a fence to me.  And as I said above, I love double d’s.    Could stand for High Def.  Please pay A LOT for this one.  Great name.  Donating your organs is one of the most important things you will ever do   I can give you 8 reasons to buy this one  I promise I won’t keep putting my names up.  Every kid has one and every parent has to buy one for them.  Now bid this baby up  The ultimate traffic counter brand   I think it may be Japanese or maybe the name of the new Panda at the zoo  Huge name. Even if it’s on a secondary tld    Very few bidders so could be a great deal


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  1. Juan

    Shane, it’s a perfect brand, and also has many meanings in Spanish, like stamp, seal, impress, etc.

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