Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-26-12

In a little bit of a hurry this morning.  Workout went longer than I thought because they keep putting gravel on the roads for the heat.  Hard to build up speed when you have to worry about wiping out all the time.  A break from the heat here in the Midwest over the next week. Hoping I actually have customers now.   Here are today’s names. Hard to believe this has no bidders and is only $12  Yes I am, yes I am.  Look at all the bidders Wow! and it’s a dot net  No bids on this 15 year old domain.  Nice name for the price  Laaaaaazzzzzeeeeeerrr   Save a million dollars by putting this verb in front 8 years old. Maybe a bit too generic but I’ll let you decide Easy logo for this 1998 domain. Not many people looking for their traffic to stop though. (joke)  Nice name on its own but mean Mushroom in Spanish You gotta be the king of something This one’s only $10 so you’ll have a lot left over for the fun Hell why not? They take their pets everywhere else, why not take them out for drinks  I know of one guy that is going to be bidding against you It will be on everyone’s list today. Let’s see if it actually makes it to the winners account Ditto  This one’s over at Namejet.  Weird but I like the look of it.  Anyone else care about how a domain looks visually?   Another ditto.  Not as pretty  More bidders than I thought but golf balls are a billion dollar business.  I might have exaggerated on the total sales  I’d imagine this will be quite a bit less than golfballs  Already off to a good start  Sounds like a good idea to me Deal of the Week! – $4.95 .COM! Offer expires 7/31/12.

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