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Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction Drops And Auctions

Another day of dot nets but some real nice product domains which I don’t always put on my lists.  I like to have at least 5000 searches to even bother putting up a site and some of these have hundreds of thousands.  Here are the names. 562,000 searches are incredible.  Big boy dot net here You could sell all three products still made here on the site.  In all seriousness,  many people still only buy American made products.  1999 registration so there is also some age here The “games” domains are fetching incredible prices.  Already at $1000 I went in to Best Buy and couldn’t believe they now have a huge vinyl record selection. Time to get out my Beastie Boys/ Pollywog Stew Album Great word, great name, decent tld $23 CPC and 1200 searches.  Even better….no bids Dot orgs are picking up steam lately and this one is no exception.  Already at $1000 and worth much more These are the kind of keywords that domainers like.  18,500 searches 10 year old domain and certainly a good call to action name

There’s also a Sedo geo auction going on but it seems that all the names I like have a reserve that’s too high for my liking

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4 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction Drops And Auctions”

  1. How did you get 562,000 searches for Google keyword tool only shows 12,000 exacts.

    1. BG,

      I think you’re both wrong. I got it off valuate and didn’t double check. So I checked keyword and get 90K global and 40K local. Oh well, still plenty

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