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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

I’d like to start this morning’s list off by answering a very commonly asked question.  “If these names are so good why aren’t you buying them?”  The answer is simple.  If there are more than five bidders on a name I go ahead and put it up, even if I am bidding on it.  It would be naive to think that real buyers won’t find a good name.  Secondly, I don’t put up the names I want with 1 or no bidders.  It’s only 1 or 2 names a week though.   Finally, I only have so much money.  I simply can’t buy all the names I like so why not show everyone else?  I will be adding affiliate links to the names soon so I can get a little lead money and it will be even more reason to put up names that have value.  So there you go, now let’s take a look at the names. Oooooo organic.  Everyone pays more money for organic.  Add an applish “i” too it and bam! Big money 1995 domain with a PR5.  Those alone have value. You get tired of hearing it but equal money.  As opposed to the ever popular color + Nice pseudo Great deal if you can stay the only bidder. So far so good until this post 9 year old domain. Mike sure seems to do well with this stuff.  A little hard to monetize but perhaps Mike will buy it from you 1999 domain that makes me hungry just thinking about it Pretty good name for $15 Pretty easy to make a site of fails.  The whole internet is full of fail if you need content

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Oh, just had lunch and thinking about domains… sounds good – can’t decide if it is because I’m hungry for food or domain names – maybe this will cover both.

    Then I can use for my nutrition and exercise plan…

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