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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Big Typo That Is Fooling People Today

A domain that has 86 bids and is already at $570 is but looks like on the list.  Amazing how many people are being fooled by this.  Here are the other names that aren’t foolish to buy Just in case you wanted the link to see who’s being fooled. There has to be 7 or 8 Erics out there that would love to own this name. An actual pending delete.  Great name.  Probably the last thing to go social but still nice. I don’t think people the word apparel all that often and it’s a dot net but clothing domains are money. Get it? Ruff like a dog barking.  I can get it to go with my I liked it purely as a  but has some meaning in Indonesia or Polynesia.  66 bidders Commodity.  They seem to trade in a range and if you can buy in the low end of the range you can make some money. Another 5L I like.  Means “to dry” in Spanish Matching reviewers with products that need reviews.  I know.  Seems to easy Nothing like going to school to get your ass kicked.  Again

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2 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Big Typo That Is Fooling People Today”

  1. Morning Shane.
    WRT to “” this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this name up at NJ. Back in May, it made an appearance and drew a buyer to over $8k! (here are 2 articles in discussing)

    I’ve actually had a similar experience with Late at night, after a couple of glasses of wine, is NOT the time to be registering for dropping domains. However with Pool, they kindly credited my account – something I do not see NJ doing in this case. -DD

  2. On 5/9/2011 the name lnvestor aka LNVESTOR was “sold” for 8100.00 … I wonder if the last person that made the mistake was able to get name jet to relist it or if the “buyer” never paid.

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