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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Remember how I told you my business is a litmus test for the entire economy?  Well I want to report that October has been gangbusters and both retail and commercial are hopping.  I expect a great Christmas for most retailers but consumers will be price shopping. If you can be price competitive this winter you will fare well.  That is unless you’re Apple and then it really doesn’t matter.  Now on to the names Oh the things I can think of that bb would stand for. Of course most of you are probably on the same page as I am.  Bobby Brown Me. This is not going to be cheap,should be at a discount vs the plural but then again, it’s a PR5 with a bunch of links Not that great a name just pointing it out because it used to be my nickname in College 13 years old but someone let it drop.  Lots of bidders but it will go for $300 or so ( OK I’m just guessing but did I sound confident?) It’s a great name for my new “super green” invention……………..a clothes line A bit of confusion with the band (add Chili) but still a nice name on it’s own I love the name but I have to admit it conjures up a guy with terrible body odor This name sounds so official.  I’m thinking of signing up already The NNL.coms generally sell in the $300-500 range but the “K” will probably go for higher due to it meaning “thousand”  hasn’t met reserve but I think if you get it for under $500 you’ve made a good buy

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  1. “ Not that great a name just pointing it out because it used to be my nickname in College” Now, really? Did the gals know?:P

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