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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains

I really didn’t see anything I liked Wednesday so I didn’t waste your or my time.  There are a few names I like this morning and here they are A steak house is just around the corner waiting to buy this one.  Or maybe a porn site HUGE name.  Going to fetch a high price but worth every penny, the .net is up for auction on the 6th I love this name for the comedic value.  How funny would it be to have this email?  Great tech site name as well. Epik is waiting for you if you buy this one.  Perfect eStore Pronounceable four letter name.   Going cheap

Domain Spotlight:

2 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains”

  1. Shane,

    You know why I like to read your blog? Your sense of humor – A great morning laugh to wake me up – “ A steak house…Or maybe a porn site”

    Classic! 🙂

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