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Thursday’s Domain Auction Picks and A Few Select Dropping Domains

The Extended Domainfest auction ends today and there are some pretty good names in there.  I’m on the road so I couldn’t put in quite as much time as usual in today’s names but I think I found some pretty decent names for the money. Enjoy At first glance a very limiting domain but after you realize it’s a PR5 and music related it gets prettier.  Reminds me of myself in the bar at the end of the night. I got a little prettier to the girls after 6 beers and 4 hours. I think $5K is a good price for this one.  You’ll have to fight Berkens on this one Don’t think $10,000 is out of line for this one. Some day if ever the housing market will come back and this will be a hot name.  A great billboard domain 60,000 searches should be enough reason To me it means potatoes, to my Grandfather, boobs Ahh the perfect name for videos of bear kills, coyote hunts, and wild hog tracking. I’ve always thought there is a huge opportunity for someone to make a site that people could put in their zip and see what is closed for snow.  I do hate the seasonality

Domain Spotlight:

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