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Thursday’s Extravaganza of Dropping Domains And Amazing Auctions

I might be overstating today’s domains but I’m pretty excited nonetheless because there are more good names than there’s been in a while. You would think I wouldn’t be as optimistic as I haven’t made a sale this month and as a result I haven’t made a purchase yet this year.  But I have rules. They are simple.  I only buy domains from revenue generated from domains, either sale or monetization.  My winter income is usually pretty mild due to the fact most of my domains are plant related.  Plants aren’t nearly as popular when it’s 20 degrees out so my buying frenzy is cooled down as well.  That will soon change in a few months and I’m preparing.  Now on to the names This is receiving action because it’s a PR6 with 45k links.  I on the other hand am receiving action because I fixed the dryer. I went to this conference and realized once you’ve seen one drill, you’ve really seen them all (1996 domain) Fantastic name that should top $2K Here you go you 3D suckers It looked to be owned by Genzyme at one time.  Great name if you’re into biotechnology and man am I ever.  Celgene paid for a lot of my stuff I’ll let you have this one.  My political career has enough obstacles without owning this one.  Somebody will do well with this though although 0 bidders. A lot of name calling in this domain A terrible name but I had to point it out because I think the pregnant part really answers the question of which Great 4 letter dot com with strong letters.  A nice buy Pretty big crowd for this one. Already at $3000 but there can only be one TIREMAN.

Domain Spotlight:

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