Thursday’s Picks for Domains Dropping or at Auction

Sep 29 2011

Shane texted me asking if I could do the drops for today. I was in the middle of packin’ up my truck to head out to the middle of nowhere for the night but I course I dropped what I was doin’ and came up with the best list I could for you guys. Once I schedule this post, I’ll fill up the cooler with some PBR’s, brats, Coca-Cola, and take off drivin’ til I find a little campsite away from it all. A campfire, cigars, no civilization, and a little Alabama, Kid Rock, Drake White on the iPod makes it a fun night for this hillbilly domainer. Video game cheat code sites are very popular and this name works for that. Also a Google PR3 Shane likes these types of names, but I’m sure he’ll say he’d rather not have the S on the end. Have a new laundry detergent you want to market? 1998 birthday, 23 bidders. Several end users with this one and a 1996 bday.,,, 4 excellent geo names. 1M or more populated city + expensive keywords profession = big money domains. Surprisingly, little or no bidders as I found these. Never heard of a network interface card? Me either til I Googled NIC card. The ‘card’ on the end is a little redundant but still a ton of sites for this search. There are a lot of latin magazines, but this is THE Latin Magazine Want people to remember the name of your digital based business? I’m out of here for the night, eat your heart out.

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