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Thursday’s Picks of Domains At Auction or Dropping

So why am I not putting up as many Godaddy domains?  Simple, I don’t see as many good deals.  I don’t have commission links to Godaddy so if I don’t think they are a good buy then I don’t list any.  The last week or so there have been fewer good names.  All the auction houses run cyclical. There are times when there just aren’t as many strong names and then other times they run in bunches.  Kind of like my Bingo games at the Senior center.  I’ve been on a hell of a run. You should have seen how mad those old people were when B4 got called.  I yelled out “Bingo bitches” and they started throwing the corn.  You know you’re on a roll when the corn starts a flying.  Enough of my Bingo prowess, lets get on with the names. 2002 Birthday.  This domain has me thinking I need to start putting some Flippa names on here.  I like the name by itself but it also makes $100 a month.  Under $2K here is a steal. I love yogurt. I east one a day.  But I loooove chemicals.  It just doesn’t taste the same without them. I don’t why but I don’t think I want to fly on a plane that was fixed with Internet parts. If the water pump you bought from doesn’t work then you are stranded on the side of the road. The rudder is faulty?  Bigger problems No such thing.  Sorry about that my wife was looking over my shoulder. Facebook made this obsolete until yesterday when they made it much harder to find birthdays. Game back on. I think people still care about pageranks

SecretDomain Somebody break the confidentiality agreement and tell us what it is.  I am just dying to know 41,000 uniques for $100.  A steal or stealing your money Popular last name.  Knew a guy named Robert Hobert and always wondered why they picked a name so close to his last name.  Always  thought Jay would have been better

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8 Replies to “Thursday’s Picks of Domains At Auction or Dropping”

  1. Yeah Shane and from their page it says:

    Products That do Not Qualify for Commission:

    Premium domains
    Go Daddy Auctions® items
    Sunrise/Landrush domain registration
    Memberships or maintenance plans
    Additional disk space and bandwidth renewals
    Custom page layouts
    Die-cast cars

    1. Gnanes,

      They are certainly struggling lately. The site is oh so slow and once a week a day is being left off. I hope he gets it all fixed. It’s a fantastic site overall.

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