Today’s DDD: Daily Dropping Domains

Mar 09 2010

Seemed a little light on drops today and quite a few “wish list” domains on NameJet meaning they were renewed in the last redemption period.  Here are today’s finds. She’s made her way back onto TV by being on Dr. Drew’s Rehab show and with her money problems I guarantee you outbid her.  I can only imagine what you could trade it back to her for I think this would be good for a ………..recording video site?  1900 searches  and $3900 estibot It’s a two legged tripod and evidently used for guns.  4400 searches and a nice valuation.  Unfortunately already at $500 My first thought FREE scholarships?  As opposed to paid scholarships but 10,000 people are searching for these and the org works for educational things

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

Domains For Sale  $200 $1200  $200

Email me if interested in purchasing domains.  Feel free to make offer

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