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Travs Daily List of Domains at Auction for Saturday August 11, 2018

Want to save a little money at GoDaddy?  Stop doing bulk transfers when moving names there.  I was going through my receipts on the GoDaddy site, and I noticed that when I do a bulk transfer of several names all at once, I’m charged tax for the transaction.  If I transfer the same names one at a time, there is no tax.  I see some transactions where I transferred just three names, and it doesn’t look like there is tax on that amount either.  Maybe there is some dollar figure that you have to reach before they bother adding the tax?  Maybe it is a bug for my location?  I don’t know.  I asked, and my rep never received a response from accounting when he tried to figure it out for me.  Transferring the names one by one is a little bit more of a pain, but it might be worth it if you are moving a bunch of names all at once.

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  memorable name for a crypto price aggregation site    Really nice name – reserve is too high a people in Nigeria, Africa  skin care or photo filter app  only one bidder for this one high paying skill  someday people will stop collecting Elvis stuff, but it will be a long time from now  nice CPC for this term

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids 1998 name with the most bids on the board take on YouTube, and good luck with that buy expensive toys like boats and RV’s and rent them back to others very solid fitness name nice keyword in a .net – 1998 name wow – over 1 million backlinks on this one LiteCoin / LiteToken what’s the difference they need it more than ever it seems – not really, every generation says the same thing about future generations 1997 name – doesn’t make much sense as a website to me sell parts for anything pretty ugly 4L, but it’s a 4L maid service app online domaining magazine monthly delivery box for new moms

Godaddy Domains With No Bids outdoors athletic gear weather lots of techies in Austin bakery / bistro combo big trucker shortage right now. it’s a surprisingly high paid job in good times, but there is a lot of sitting on your ass involved research / analytics firm animal grooming great name for a head hunting agency or a c-level publication of some sort a couple of marijuana names big data analytics in the cloud sounds like a club of some kind everything you ever wanted to know about fish – kids love this sort of thing if you build it right misspell of bright, but common enough if the keyword in front is big enough sounds like a good SEO name to me perfect name for the type of bathroom remodeling company you see in the weekly local ads who wouldn’t want their kids watched by the sunshine nanny? there was a place in Texas called My Fit Foods, but they closed all of their locations last year going to need to sell chairs here I will bank or church web design / development there is a lawyer somewhere who wants this drone shop, bar near airport, flying publication


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    1. Right, but that is for a single transfer. If I transfer just one name (like what is shown in your screen shot), there is no tax on my transfer either. If I bulk transfer 10 names all at once, there is tax.

      1. yea, that is strange. I don’t know what triggers it. I transferred 21 names one time, and it charged tax. I’ve transferred 4 at a time and there isn’t tax. This is from one of the names where I transferred 21.

        List Price: $14.99
        Purchase Price: $7.99
        ICANN Fee: $0.18
        Discount: $0.00
        Subtotal: $8.17
        Tax (8.25%): $0.54
        Total: $8.71

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