Aug 17 2017

I’m back for my 3rd list, and only a week after my 2nd!  It’s one of the nice things about working with a team.  We all support each other whether it is writing the daily list when someone would like to take a day off or bouncing ideas off each other to get a different perspective.  One of the things I found myself missing after leaving a daily office job was the camaraderie with the people I worked with.  I got that back when I joined the DSAD team.  I hope you find a name or two that you like, and leave a comment if you have any questions or have something useful to say.  We all learn from each other in this business.


Domain of The Day:    Under $200 and would be a good buy under $200 IMO


Names With Bids  inter-office chat or message board system  grabs your attention, but will anyone really name their company datapig?  production company  space stuff just sounds cool  it’s European!  healthy lunches for kids  you wouldn’t believe how many stores around here sell Texas-made things  my first job at age 15 was working for a company named Altsys, and they made fonts for the Mac.  People used to pay for fonts.  travel matchmaking  nothing like a box of flowers  a place that sells nothing but cables for phones  great name for a roofing company  self-help book / videos  a different happy way unless you are my wife.  she is mean when she drinks tequila.

Names Without Bids  shower head filter, body or hair product  restaurant or ready made food  what is normal anyway?  custom grills  it’s made a comeback you know  perfect name for a vintage clothes shop  another good name for a vintage clothes shop  were proxy names ever a thing?  there has to be a few of these already  lol  home surveillance  that look on everyone’s face when they arrive  advise companies on their social media strategy  online help from veterinarians  a decent drone name  a magazine about nothing but countertops  Latin for donations  you and your buddy can open a vape store  an app for college kids to sell their tiny refrigerators, stackable crates and awesome artwork to the next generation of students  good enough if you build a crypto site on it  donut shop of course  similar to the TV Keno that you see at some casinos  give Bass Pro Shops a run for their money  escorts, insurance, annuities, payday loans…  the list goes on and on

Media  Names  doesn’t work  i don’t see it  this could work  doesn’t work  works  sounds better than it is  doesn’t work  works if your last name is Eyestone, and apparently that is true for some people

Impossible to sell one-worders

Brandables  can’t believe Sesame Street is letting this go

Namejet   Bonds are hot right now with Tesla and Apple issues selling out within minutes.  Tesla’s were considered junk bonds and had a rate of 5.7%  No bids. A common phrase.  If only Trump was.    Heating and Air jobs are plentiful.  Look around you as you drive. Their vans are everywhere  this should be a thing if it isn’t already  I don’t understand this one.  It’s called a thermostat.  exhausting physical labor – sign me up!  online tool or app to edit photos.  there aren’t enough of them yet.  great name for an online ad network

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  1. ShaneCultra

    I agree totally Travis. I can have a life now that I work with a team. I have people to bounce things off and to create projects that can’t be done alone. All it takes is finding good partners and for many that never comes.

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