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Travs List of Domains at Auction for May 25th, 2018

I sold another name at BrandBucket this week.  It was a name that I picked up at DropCatch in February.  BrandBucket originally wanted to list the name for under $3K, but I knew the name was a lot better than that.  I ended up appealing for a higher price and was able to list it for just under $5K.  It sold a month after it was listed for the full price.  The appeal process at BrandBucket needs to be fixed.  It takes forever (almost 2 months in this case) to get an answer.  I’ve got other appeals in the pipeline that have been in there for longer than 2 months.  Beyond that, I don’t even remember exactly which names were appealed, because it isn’t shown on the site – you need to track it yourself.  Anyhow, BrandBucket isn’t always going to get initial pricing right – they go through a ton of names.  If it looks like there is an obvious mistake, appeal it. Just don’t appeal everything please – the process already takes too long…

Other Names at Auction   One of the best selling tools in the US and one of the most fun to use.  21 years old – over $6K and climbing towards reserve an unoriginal rap name nice AI name great leads name, but I don’t think it will hit reserve not sure what you do with this one a 4L listed over at Namepros – the potential uses are kinda funny.  There are tons of them if you are able to just ignore the xx in the middle of the name triple repeater ending tomorrow gross

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids a couple of 4L’s a decent name and a lot of backlinks for all your farming needs 1999 name – most movie swapping these days is of the illegal variety  upgrade name for at least a couple of existing companies, and there are sonic dental tools a good three word name there are multiple ark studios 1995 name cool travel site name a nice name for selling organic products a guy was killed the other day when his vape pen exploded – now that’s crazy I feel like I’ve heard this as a slogan before compete with Paypal brain training game / app Australia solar


Godaddy Names With No Bids great at math not so great at English a housing subdivision on Maui – HOA probably let it drop on accident reservation system this is a great name for packaged foods fishing podcast a 1996 name – shows no data for it nice affiliate buildout name if you are into that sort of thing science journal a theatre in Chicago, a ship from 1756 and a kid in England a word that no one uses a pie shop in Aspen of course animal charity antique shop big business here a Chinese restaurant in a Spanish speaking place sounds like a fun game to play at night at a water park weed is legal in Alaska – this is a pretty good name for it or if you have some really powerful stuff… everyone wants a big pour cloud migration services start your own heroin business I like this for a fashion name cool sounding media name


Short VR Names

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  1. Congrats on the sale Travis. Have you ever used I have a domain which BrandBucket appraised for about 8k while BrandPa appraised at I believe it was 3.5k. There can be such big differences in their appraisals, and because of it I send them in to both of them each time I’ve got a name I’m submitting.

  2. Thanks Tom. I do have names listed at Brandpa, and I did run this name through them too. They rejected it because of their silly notion that artificial double letters in a name do not sell or make good brands.

  3. Hi Travis — Congrats on your sale! Can you share what the name was? Cheers, Carl

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