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This will probably be the last list that I do for a while.  Josh will post Tuesday and Wednesday, and Shane should be back from Africa and posting names on Thursday.  It’s been fun, but I have to say it is a lot of work to do this on a regular basis.  When I crawl a list like the GoDaddy expiring list, I try to come up with a strategy that allows me to look at MOST of the names I probably care about in about an hour.  I say most, because there may occasionally be a 17-letter name that I would want, but it is rare enough that I don’t want to look at all of them every day to see.  I would rather miss out on those names if they happen to be there.  Chances are, one of my other sifting methods will pick it up anyway.

But when you are putting a daily list like this together, everything takes a little longer.  It takes some time to look for some funny ones that you would never consider buying but make for some good laughs.  You start to write the blurbs in your head as you see the names, and it slows you down some.  You lookup various trademarks that may be of interest to people looking at the list.  You do exact match searches and broad match searches to see what pops up.  Then there is writing the blurbs for the names, looking at Namejet, Sedo and Flippa for other interesting auctions and finally, writing this very interesting info at the top for our readers.  It’s fun and a lot more work than many people think.  Kudos to Shane for doing it by himself for all those years.

Sorry it isn’t a better GoDaddy list, but I can only work with what they give me.

DOMAIN OF THE DAY:  venture capital in the blockchain industry.  There is a ton of capital pouring into the space.  This Sedo auction, which has met reserve, closes today, has over 650 views, 5 bidders and is nearing $3,000.  Get your bid in before it’s gone.

Namejet Names at Auction  lots of LLC’s out there, and most of them need someone to do their taxes  your last chance to own the revolution – closes today  big industry here – of course, you need to before you can restore it.  is the category finally rising in value?  This one ends in a 4 so I would think it would be near the bottom of the category, but it has 5 bidders and is at $69.  $69 would definitely be a rise in value


GoDaddy Names With Bids  couple of 4L’s today  call center / support  online bargains  I picture a production company with some graphic at the beginning of a movie  chess instruction?  venture capital in the blockchain world  enrollment in Spanish  great name and it looks like the trademark is abandoned  produce brand  lots of dive shops all over the world with this name  crypto of course  a book from an inspirational speaker

GoDaddy Names Without Bids  worth it just to find that pic  one cool bunny or a band or a club  smart chair  A fintech name that doesn’t work   microwave dinners or plated food served fast  great alliteration, not great words…  cool name for graphics design house  VC funding  green gel that gives you super powers  lead generation and lots of it  restaurant of course  Couple of domain related names that aren’t bad  LOL  edgy media company that never agrees with you obviously better but crafty culture works as well for a hobby publication  robo mall cop  buffet  scoop water out of the sea, let the water evaporate and then sell the salt  vegan dating site  could be vintage us or vintage US  I see vintage straight edges, razors, brushes, etc…  the king of quality assurance all your tropical goodies in one place

Brandable Misspells extra y on the end is good but you will probably run into trademark issues with this one

All names chosen by me.  Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence please.  We are paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind, and only buy names that YOU think are good.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I hear you Travis .. I have about 12 filters at GoDaddy for making my personal list .. probably down to about 1.5 hours of work for just going through the names. Then another 30 or so putting it through Estibot to extract the stats I care about and make my personal page of names I going to check each day. I usually end up with about 150 names on average.

    The writing part certainly is extra and takes time as well. I like your domains and comments though .. so it was worth your time! I really like “FunkBunny” .. reminds me of the DomainSherpa episode with HellBunny. You did miss “” today though .. going to have to dock you a couple of points for that! lol 😉

    have fun at NamesCon everyone! 🙂

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