Aug 09 2017

I don’t put the daily list together very often.  Actually, I think this is only the second time.  I hope you find something that you like.


Names With Bids  The best kind of creek  This is a little creepy, but I guess it could be a site about women who love watches  Vape or liquid edibles, and the auction just started at DropCatch  Catchy auction name and getting great bids  Common darts game in the U.S.; common sport in many other countries, and apparently all of them have a cricket board  Major city in Iraq Cool soundbite / slogan for multiple industries  Sounds like a product that already exists

Names Without Bids  fertilizer  great brand for many types of companies  over 1K trademarks with the word coastal in them  great brand for online shoes  cool name for a gaming pc / device  Christian book store?  one word dictionary that will be impossible to sell  hipster restaurant  wordpress plugin  golf isn’t doing so well, but the people that play still have a certain look  brandable site  not sure, but it sounds cool  sounds like a show on HGTV  dating app  dive bar  plastic plants or really hardy plants  slogan for an alpine ski resort  killing hobbits or hobbits killing themselves  some kind of workout kit  social names change hands on the drop every day  here is another one that I like  works well as an informational site  lots of people looking for that special experience

Media / Design Names  doesn’t really work  could work in the gaming world  works  does not work  barely works – the s is holding it back



Namejet technically pronounceable, but the reserve is ridiculous also pronounceable, in a hilarious way a job or a product – double meanings add value in my opinion  great name for an online magazine / blog keeping up with AI trends  7 bids because it looks like this with a lowercase L, and someone will probably get stuck with it… Please pay attention to case!

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  1. Tom Johnson

    Man, I want to buy, but I probably will pass as it’s already getting up there. I spent 3 years of my life fighting there in Iraq in the marines infantry…some crazy times.

    1. Josh E

      Tom, When were you there? I was at FOB Ramadi, starting in January 2005. The 1st MEF was still in charge I think, but moving out. I was a DOD contractor our station, with the Marine Firefighters was on the Euphrates side of the base close to the DFAC.

  2. Ategy

    It’s a good thing Shane isn’t around with you posting “”! lol
    Anyhow .. thanks for the list. Some good stuff on there that I didn’t have on my own long list! 🙂

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