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Tuesday’s Big List of Domain at Auction and Dropping Around the Net 12/20/11

Morning Folks.  Have you gotten your shopping done yet?  I’m done and even got my Christmas cards out. I want to thank Acro for helping me with the fonts on our company Christmas cards (to the left).  I had a pretty good shot of our mailbox but I suck at fonts and graphics so he pimped it out a little.  If you need some work done I highly recommend.  Now onto the names. 1996 Birthday.   Always thought it would be great to have a site that let companies find demo and beta testers. This certainly would do the trick 1999 Birthday.  DMoZ listed and cheap with no bidders Medical tourism is a HUGE business I was going to really go after this one but I have three names I’m working on so I won’t have any cash to take this to the $500+ range this will get to. 12 year old domain with no bidders There will always be a need for local news.  Even as the world becomes smaller I imagine it has 54 bidders due to the good letters and not the sound of it Not going to be a huge moneymaker but fun email  [email protected] You ought to be able to flip this domain since it has no bidders $460 to start to get you in this beauty.  I would associate better with At $135

Q.PE Seen this for sale for quite a while on DNForum.  Now at auction at Sedo Not a very valuable name but great sounding brand.

Domain Spotlight:

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