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Tuesday’s Big List of Domain At Auction and Dropping Over The Nets 1/10/11

Anyone notice that Tebow threw for 316 and averaged 31.6 yards on Sunday? And…..The final 15 minutes of the Broncos-Steelers game had a tv rating of 31.6 (reported by the Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand)  John 3:16?  Weird huh?  Now onto the names.   Sorry for the short list today. Not very many good names and I stayed up late to watch Bama win the National Championship. Roll Tide Roll .  By the way, what was with the 40 year old guy suited up for LSU? That might have explained their terrible play  Another nice and is already over $2000  F is a one of the top 5 letters to end with A and O being the best.  Not that great of a name but 19 years means it’s legally old enough to date  A ton of businesses with this name  Where half of you were raised.  If was $50K then this one has to be worth $69  The guy at the liquor store says he will cash these kinds of checks  My favorite wrestler from the 80’s


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  1. RTR, baby!

    I think it was the Honey Badger’s fault… That haircut made them think they were in a no PASSING zone.

    As for the names – nice list considering how late the game went and the post game stuff. The color & animal/plant strikes again.

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