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Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-27-12


Forgot to write my opening lines this morning.  You may see more of this forgetfulness over the next 2 months.  The nursery business is hopping,my daughter has become a decent athlete, and my wife has climbed too high on the corporate ladder herself.  We are a family on the move, enjoying every minute of it but I need a few more candles.  I’m burning the three I have at both ends right now.  As long as everyone keep physically and mentally healthy I’ll keep it up. Now onto the names Two character dot anything has value but if this one stays under $600 you’ve done well.  This one is much lower than that at press time  Three letters and no matter what they are its worth at least $4K  The four number dot coms have climbed out of my price range but I may go for this one.  Very very nice

CustomVideo.com12 year old domain. Everyone likes to watch videos of people going through Customs  Surprised how low Valuate is with all the online degree stuff fetching big bucks.  I think this photo pretty much explains why there are so few bidders  Very surprised to not see 100 bidders on this thing.  Only 11 at press time.  If my list does its usual thing it should be 40 soon.

DoHomework.comEvery kids least favorite thing to do but online education is a huge business.  Probably will be purchased as a Chevy typo  This one valuates out at $1800 but only has 7 bidders.  I was thinking cheap tattoos but there many be some people that are thinking printers.  You wouldn’t have thought that coming from a guy with zero ink on his body.  Another nice from  Want to guess the price?  I guess X,XXX



Domain Spotlight:

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  1. My pick from this has to be Video marketing will only become more important in the next few years. What better way to sell customized videos than through this domain?

    Fantastic name with huge development potential.

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