Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-17-12

Apr 17 2012

Yesterday was one of those days.  When the weather is dreary and everyone comes to work groggy or calls in sick. Its amazing how much weather effects production and sales.  Of course my business weather is more important than most but I bet there are statistics that prove that bad weather effects attendance and attitude.  I’m OK, but then again I had these fine domains to cheer me up.  Take a look

BioTools.com I think this one will go over a grand. Great name but you’ll have to outbid Adam for his new set of tools for NameBio.com

6b.org 2 character dot org already doing better than I thought it would.

HotLawyer.com This would be a very very small dating site.

HCNB.com  Great LLLL.com and the number of bids proves it.

AtHomeMothers.com  Stay at Home Moms probably is a better known term but this one is still pretty good.

GlassFloor.com  Not sure if this would be used as a metaphor or if people really buy glass floors.

DeluxePool.com  Deluxe is such a 70s word that I think its time to bring it back.

Squiggles.com  The name of my dog when I was a kid.  Maybe it was Snuggles. Either way it was a soft name.  I preferred “Thor” or “Slayer” but little Lhasa Apsos aren’t real manly dogs to begin with.

Hez.net Drawing more attention than your average LLL.net

CaramelApple.net  Maybe I’m just hungry

RiverCasino.com  Gambling names are down a little which means buy all you can

UpMyButt.com  Talk about an email that would draw attention

QuietRoar.com  I like the name for its simplicity and the fact that most will spell it correctly and know the meaning behind it.

ScubaDivingLessons.com   Its at Snap for $1500 which I think is a very fair price.  Valuate.com has it for more than that

DDWD.com Again at $250 I think you have done well.

 Curlers.net  Not sure if girls still use these but its cheap

4602.com  4.cn is back to having some great numerics up for auction

7637.com  And one more



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