Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-17-12

Jul 17 2012

Today I saw a company that had a terrible domain name and was thinking about doing a post on it but then I thought.  “I could write a post every day about bad domain choices”  Its like beating a dead horse.  The reason we all have done so well is because we know the value of a good domain. We make money on those that figure it out later.  It doesn’t do anything to constantly point out all the domains that are bad choices. We all know that companies are buying long, confusing domains to advertise their wares.  I’d much rather write company X DOES get it and bought this great domain.  EVEN BETTER is the story about them buying a great domain that happens to be mine.  Such as “NBC buys Puddles.com for $2.1 million instead of buying Super Bowl commercial.   While I dream, here are today’s names

SNE.com Everyone’s been watching this one for a week or two. Is the trading code for Sony if anyone cares. Anyone want to venture a guess how high it will go? I think you should buy it

Krump.com Ironically what I’m best know for in my town. I give Krump classes every Thursday. I was the county fair dance champion from 1991-1994 using my special moves called Cultra Pigeontoe Elbow Throwing but then “Tight Eyez” Willis and Jo’Artis “Big Mijo” Ratti stole my moves, changed the name and the rest is history.

Italians.net I thought this might be a little higher price than this but it is still early

NapaValleyTour.com If this was plural it would be $5000 plus

HomeMadeEnergy.com Energy still is hot even though its still much cheaper just to buy it rather than make it.

HSHH.com  Lots of Hs here.  Vanity domains aren’t what they used to be as proven by only 20 bidders. 17 years old

MobileForms.com  Monetizing mobile is the number one issue for most businesses and mobile forms are part of that

Fesk.com  This 12 year old LLLL.com should do VERY well

WoodenHorse.com  I’m pretty sure this will eventually be a brand not a site selling wooden rocking horses. Like this one a lot

ZUUA.com Sometimes pretty is good enough. Ask Kate Upton. This one would make a great brand

P8T.com   I’ve never completely understood these hack but this one is three characters and those I do understand.  I’m told it looks like PET


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  1. Neil Armstrong

    There’s a British company called B&Q – largest hardware chain in the UK (?) and they very early on realised that buying DIY.com and using that as their main site was a very smart move…. It’s a reference I regularly use when selling generic names….

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