Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-24-12

Jul 24 2012

Adam Strong is coming over today for lunch and I thought I would share the agenda

1. Make fun of Morgan’s girl shirt in this picture

2. Figure out how much I owe him from one of the nights out drinking at DomainFest even though David Wieland paid.

3. 1 hour session to fill me in on the “good old days” of domain investing

4.  Take him out to an Irish Pub to prove that when I mentioned  bangers and mash, I wasn’t going to rape him

5.  30 minutes of making fun of Frank’s accent

6.  He’s bringing the decoder so I can understand some of the babbling posts written in the domaining feed.

7.  Talk about sites we are going to develop but never do

Should be a good day.  Now on to today’s list

Beb.org If this is only worth $100 then I need to reevaluate my domain name value guide

BFAS.com  17 year old LLLL.com

Hoots.com I can get you into this baby for the low low price of $2000

FEJU.com  CVCV dot com should do very well

Zoning.org  Want to have some fun?  Buy this and send email to your business friends saying their business has been rezoned so they owe more money.  NO bidders so the joke should cost you $69

ColdBrew.com Sounds great right now. Obvious bar use here

MyToolBar.com  No bidders again.  13 year old domain

PPNY.com  Pretty People of New York.   NO bidders

9436.com  There haven’t been very many NNNN.coms lately so this one should do well

Giveback.net One of the few names I’d rather have the org

DDDK.com  Collectible LLLL.com that always have value

Butchers.net  Makes me want to raise another steer

YoungHotGirls.com  I’m not looking for these anymore but maybe you are

SkyStream.com  81 bidders say this one is a pretty good name

FakeDocuments.com  At least you would be honest about it.  No bidders. 12 years old


For those of you that want to hand register a name instead I found a $2.95 Godaddy Code HERE


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