Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-7-12

Rough list today.  Just not very many good names for sale at the auction houses.  To make up for it I am going to let readers list ONE domain they have for sale. ONE.  If you list two I’ll erase the comment.  If you want to put the price you can.  If not put in a real email address and if somebody likes the domain I’ll pass it on.  Enjoy the day.  PS 4.cn has some LLL.coms at Buy It Now under $4K.  Look in the bargains section

MVMC.com  This LLLL.com is 16 years old.  V isn’t too bad because of “video”

3DL.com  Another example of a name I consider liquid.  These are good to buy if you want names that always seem to sell.

WPOE.com Great deal for under $100

SpeedyCheck.com  No bidders.  Check has meaning as paycheck and check condition of something

38m.com  Another 3 character dot com that will probably hit $500

Nasalstrips.com  They are making a comeback in endurance athletics.  Everyone had them on the Tour de France

 CNLO.com  My favorite LLLL.com of the day.  I like the O at the end and the other three letters are good acronym letters.

YourDailyHoroscope.com Not the best name I’ve ever listed but not a ton of good names at Godaddy so it’s like being the best player on the B team. It IS 11 years old and descriptive

Recitor.org With voice control being the new thing this one should do well. Too bad nobody knows how to spell reciter.


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23 Replies to “Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-7-12”

  1. DuiAttorneyPhoenix (org)

    $100, Could be a good buy if you know how to monetize these types of names. Average CPC from US searches is at $96.55 (from Adwords)

  2. Thank you Shane!!



    or I’ll trade with Chris and give him $6,999,100.

  3. Love the lists, Shane. Thank you!

    Taking offers for ConfidentialVideo.com – The mystique alone drives traffic.

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