Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Sep 20 2011

Lost out on BlueberryMuffins.com yesterday.  Went for $1911.   I loved the name but have to watch my bankroll.  I want to make sure I spend it on names I can monetize and I just didn’t see my self getting into the muffin business.  On the other hand, picked up Stewartiadotcom (beautiful tree) on a drop and THAT I can monetize. Now here are today’s names.

BootStart.com Great name for bootlegged startup.

PriceForecasts.com No bidders.  Doesn’t get much love from valuate and searches but I still like the usefulness of the name.

Studlinks.com Nice 1996 Birthday.  I would buy it but I would be embarrased because the links would all point to me.  Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Zeti.com CVCV that I expect to go for over $2K

Windowland.com At least people would be able to figure out what you sell

OldBoot.com Not a real valuable name but one of those names that people will remember if you tell them.  And easy to spell. No bidders 1999 domain

uTag.com Don’t really have to explain this one.

SpecialtyCakes.com mmmmmm Cakes  No bidders

Cod.net  Call of duty. A fish. 3 letter dot net.  All work for me. Maybe not the fish.  Tough to ship USPS

TableUp.com Great restaurant reservation name.

Write.com One of the few names I think is a bargain at the DomainFest Auction.  This one is a steal below $100K  Yeah I know, sounds like right.

Boards.net Not a big net fan but between longboards, snowboards, surfboards, and skateboards.  This one is worth at least $5K.  I’m thinking about buying this one as well.   snow.boards.net

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