Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Coupon Code Inside for 20% Off any Name in the Barcelona Auction

Jun 07 2011

Today’s the day of the Big Auction in Barthelona.  While I won’t be a bidder on any of the names, I will sit buy the computer and make some of my fellow workers think that I am actually considering spending a million dollars on a domain name.  I’ll type a few zeros into the bidding screen and pretend like I’m going to hit send but at the last minute act like I’m having second thoughts.  Run my fingers through my hair like I’m really having trouble deciding whether to buy the names.  I’ll finish off each auction by saying. “Man, John made some good money on that one” acting like a friend of mine sold the name.  It’s going to be a fun day.  By the way…I think the code I have expired. You can try it anyway its DOMAINSHANETHEDOMAINEXPERT.   All Caps. You could get social.com for $4 million if it works.  Now onto the names.

51N.com Three character domains seem to be selling in the $700 to $1200 range. We’ll see how close I get.

BackupStuff.com Registered in 2000, this can’t get much more defined.  “Hey what does backupstuff.com do?  You get my point.

JerkWater.com Not really any value except a few domain/startup guys have been drinking a little too much of this stuff

TireSpecials.com I use TireRack but admit I would go to Tire Specials.  Sounds like I could get a good deal there.

Erx.net Three letter dot net.  I’ll venture a guess and say it sells for $1200

uMaid.com $69 well spent.  You’d spend more than this on an actual maid for a few days

Gado.com One of the only good buys in the auction.  Not saying the other domains wouldn’t be a good buy if you were a millionaire.

Skills.com I love this one.  If someone gave me $100K today as a gift I would watch this name at auction, congratulate the buyer,  and then put my money into Apple stock.

Renta.com I like this one as well but you can have my name which is better Sello.com for only $25K

RSong.com These are the kind of names that start-ups use.  Keyword….Song.  The confusing “our” being replaced by “R” keeps it cheap. Buy it for $12 and sell if for $800.  Heck for $12 even if you don’t sell, you don’t lose much.

Don’t forget to stop by Dropday to find more names.

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