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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Fred Wilson has a fantastic article of LTC vs CPA.  If you are building a site or company then you’ll want to read the article.  If you are looking for some solid domains, then you’ll want to read below. A five letter domain owner’s dream.  Also Lone Ranger’s gay lover.  I have to admit I didn’t really watch any of the episodes so I may have that part wrong. Travel chess sets are still popular.  I’ve always liked pocket pool so I’m sure I would like this.  No bidders L is always a great ending letter for a because it can stand for league Not a real valuable name but I think it’s great. Just a cool sounding name and 11 years old. One of the better CVCVs in the last few months to come up for auction. I can’t imagine the Indian Motorcycle company is really going to let someone have this one but 91 bidders don’t care. Another good one The kind of name that goes with dot org As nice as this sounds don’t buy it.  The term realtor is trademarked.  Aren’t these posts wonderful?  I even give amazing trademark advice. Good name for $69

Domain Spotlight:

8 Replies to “Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks”

  1. “Also Lone Ranger’s gay lover. ”

    Funny stuff. 1000 points for shooting from the hip on possible reality.

  2. Great list of domains. Shane, will you be bidding on the Boxcar auction? More than 10 domains are up for auction with a $5,000 reserve.

  3. Silly me I’ve been calling myself a domainer when ‘professional cyber-squatter’ sounds so much sexier.

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