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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks: Already at $77,000

I never get a ton of time to do much around the yard.  Owning a nursery gives me access to any plant I want but I never have the time.  What I do is take it in little increments.  Inch by inch, life’s a cinch certainly works for gardening.  I plant one or two plants a day.  Takes me 5-10 minutes a day.  After a few years things start coming around.  This is a view of my back yard.  I haven’t started planting annuals yet but I am pretty proud how nice it is with just a few minutes a day.  That and owning a nursery. Now let’s take a look at today’s names This one is at $77,000 with 12 bids. This domain has a PR6 and 217,000 links, yes 217,000.  There’s a lot of experience in those spoons. Not sure how to monetize but I’m thinking guns or cattle I’ve been there.  I ended up getting my cat a toy and his nails clipped. I know this is dot net but this is a pretty big sport.  No bidders I’m not a fan of dot us but I would think this would still make a fantastic email.  Especially if your name is Julie Great site/blog name.  Only 2 bidders Here’s your new reservation domain $350 for this one is a fair deal The market is still very strong I like this one even better Evidently the Chinese like repeating letters. Bidding already at $13,000

Domain Spotlight:

7 Replies to “Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks: Already at $77,000”

  1. I own TabletProtectors.Com, any fair deal welcome.

    Shane, apologies for doing some advertisement here.

  2. Expect this to go up to half a million. It means buy or sell in Chinese however you want it. Im sure theres tons of businesses and institutes also using MAI as their acronym.

  3. Shane, as always some good names.

    But I am really impressed by the back yard. Throw in a kickin outdoor Kitchen and I am ready to pack.

    Have a Nice Day!

    Joey Starkey

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