Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Names At Auction

Jan 11 2011

I think I might have something here.  Google is starting to show me a little attention, readership is way up over the last 30 days, and advertisers are starting to support the site.  Most importantly, I’m having a good time and selling some names.  All is good, all is good. To boot,  I opened a snowplowing division and December was the snowiest December in all of history.  I’m most likely out plowing snow as you’re reading this.  Always making money.  Now onto the names.

NoYo.com This name should easily pass $5K.   One of the best CVCV domains to come across this year

Weedwatcher.com Sounds like a place you would go to find out more about weed or maybe a weedmap.com competitor.

Akoz.com You could do worse than paying $200 for this one.

IsItTrue.com A snopes site in the making.  Answer sites are big right now

FreshDrops.org What a great name for a name drop evaluator……..wait….

HookerSchool.com Looking at the way half the girls dress at U of I one might think that’s where they’re headed.

7394.com Remember the rule:   Buy 4s in China, sell in the US. Buy 8s in the US and sell in China

Patapon.com It’s a video game and a city in Peru.  Either way it gets searches and it’s real fun to say.

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  1. Pat

    “Looking at the way half the girls dress at U of I one might think that’s where they’re headed.”

    You’re officially old now.

  2. Clay Burt

    Well, in Shane’s defense, he didn’t say he wasn’t looking, just said that’s how they are dressing… well, reading it again you may be right, but my guess is his wife reads his blog and he really was looking

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