Tuesday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Jul 06 2010

Yesterday I wrote an article about blending my PPC ads on one of my better garden sites and I had the clicks double the first day.  Day two?  Same thing and set a new record for revenue.  I’m $15 a day closer to my $250 a day in revenue I’m looking for.  How close am I?  Not close enough but maybe one of these names will get me closer. PS Carto.com went for $2843.  Another fine 5L sale

HAA.com has a reserve and evidently it’s higher than the $10K that it’s at now

Cuppy.com Speaking of 5L dot coms.  This is a fine one and will go for over a grand easy

BabyDecor.com Not sure if this is in regards to decorating the baby or the babies room but it’s still a highly searched for term

StorageNetworks.com I don’t like it but 39 bidders do and some days I just like to follow the crowd

Butterscotch.net mmmmmmmmmmm…..butterscotch

OwnWebsite.net Here’s your chance to get your ownwebsite………..dot net    Sorry, couldn’t resist

BookBag.org I love this one despite the dot org.

AlreadyPublished.com Here’s a free idea. Buy this name and set up a site to check if something you wrote is being duplicated online.  Of course you could just use Google

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