Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: BrightEnergy.com, ShopCore.com, More

Jun 18 2017

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Mallorca.net sold for $33,900

A German-language travel planning site for the island of Mallorca is live, with a rough translation as follows, Mallorca.net – Your Mallorcaurlaub as a package holiday or a Mallorcareise with hotel and car hire.
2. BrightEnergy.com sold for $28,000

A UK-based energy-related site is live, which describes itself as, “We currently hold contracts with 5 of the 6 big utility companies on behalf of the Governments energy company obligation frame work, providing free insulation & heating systems nationally to some of the most vulnerable people in society.” The site has an Alexa rank near 12.5 million.


3. Arbeitskleidung.com sold for $25,000

The domain appears to translate from German into “workwear”, which is what you’ll find at the eCommerce site. Per Google Translate, “you will find exactly what you need – from workwear and workwear to soft shell jackets and carhartt jeans. Our price comparison procedure always determines the best offers for your search. The site has an Alexa rank near 17 million.


4. XCE.com sold for $21,000

No site resolves, and the domain is owned by an individual in France.

5. XBGlobal.com sold for $18,000

A horse racing & betting site is live, with an Alexa rank near 4 million. The site “is your way to the races from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South America and more! XB Global brings the excitement of live, online horse racing to your computer. Place your wagers using our easy-to-use wagering interface and watch the races using our high-quality streaming video.”


6. Welcome.co.uk sold for $14,700

The domain is parked.

7. Ksiegiwieczyste.pl sold for $14,690

The domain redirects to Ksiegi-wieczyste-online.pl, which appears to be a Polish language property search engine.They also smartly have a much shorter domain – EKW.pl – which also redirects to the homepage.


8. GateLink.com sold for $12,500

It’s unclear to me what the site is about. It has a tagline of “Join our exclusive community of like minded people on gatelink.com”, but the site doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet. It’s associated in some fashion with Contrib.com, a self-described “community of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Marketers and Specialists from around the world contributing to new startups for equity and cash!”


9. ShopCore.com sold for $11,000

A bricks & mortar real estate company is live at the domain, and it’s the traffic leader for the week with its Alexa rank near 2.6 million. The domain was needed as part of the company’s rebrand from “Excel Trust” to “ShopCore Properties”. They’re an affiliate of the Blackstone Group, and they have over 18 million square feet of retail properties across the United States.


10. ExtremeVideos.com sold for $10,000

No site resolves.

10. LUFE.com sold for $10,000

The domain is parked, and shows that it’s in transfer at Sedo.

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