Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Rate.com, Orison.com, More

Jun 04 2017

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Rate.com sold for $725,000

This big sale was an upgrade from GuaranteedRate.com, which is where Rate.com is still redirected. “Guaranteed Rate is the eighth largest retail mortgage lender in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, the company has approximately 175 offices across the U.S. and is licensed in all 50 states.” You can read more about the mortgage company’s acquisition, and the sale by the Castello brothers, at this DN Journal article. Andrew Alleman saw the Rate.com domain in TV commercials near the end of last year.


2. Purple.co.uk sold for $155,520

The domain was picked up by the folks behind the developed BedroomFurniture.co.uk, which is where Purple.co.uk is redirected. Based in Herefordshire in the UK, they describe themselves as follows, “Whether you are looking for contemporary, cutting edge design or classic, traditional bedroom furniture we have something for everyone.”


3. YH.top sold for $30,400

4. 3606.com sold for $23,000

For both of the two domains above, no site resolves, and they’re owned by different investors in China.

5. Minpaku.com sold for $17,000

You can see a screenshot of the Japanese language site below, and it appears the site is developed as a sort of Airbnb-type site for Japan. They have no Alexa rank, so it hasn’t taken off yet.


6. Orison.com sold for $14,560
Interestingly, their .com acquisition is redirected to a new gTLD: Orison.energy. “Orison’s mission is to enable all energy consumers to control their electricity use, reduce their impact on the environment, and enable the implementation of a clean energy infrastructure around the world.”


7. Dilli.com sold for $13,440

An under construction lander is live, saying in part, “DILLI.com is dedicated to the people of Dilli ( the capital and heart of Bharat , India)”

8. Resco.com sold for $12,200

This appears to be a smart upgrade from Resco.ws for the electrical and lighting wholesaler based in Los Angeles. Their website has a 2005-2006 copyright on it, and it appears the site hasn’t been updated since then, but hey, kudos to them for buying the domain and having a site live.


9. MyMoni.com sold for $10,864

This is the traffic leader for the week by a long shot, with its Alexa rank near 250,000. “MONI, the new Monitronics, is a subsidiary of Ascent Capital Group,(NASDAQ: ASCMA), and is one of the largest home security alarm monitoring companies in the U.S.”


10. DroneSales.com sold for $9,999

No site resolves.

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    1. Post author

      I don’t really get the .energy extension for them. I would understand it if they were branded as “Orison Energy”, but they seem to be known simply as “Orison”. I know energy is a big part of their business, but it’s not their only line of business, or only possible descriptor (why not .eco, .solutions, .global, etc).

      We definitely agree that acquiring the .com was a great strategy. 🙂

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