Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Rod.com, Emigration.com, MyChoice.com, More

Apr 30 2017

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. 746.com sold for $121,000

2. FDP.com sold for $50,250

3. DNL.com sold for $49,200

All three domains above either are parked or don’t resolve, and each is under privacy protection.

4. ROD.com sold for $45,600

The domain is redirected to a for-sale page at QEIP.com, and you can see the screenshot and the asking price of $398,000 below.


5. CAK.com sold for $38,800

No site resolves.

6. Nachos.com sold for $33,000

Domain is parked, and this one has quite the sales history, as discussed here and here. Prior to the $33k purchase, the domain sold for $18k in 2015, and $10k in 2008. Currently owned by a “Cyber Capital” in New York.

7. Emigration.com sold for $30,400

Owned by DHARSHINEE NAIDU, who owns over 100,000 domains. Most of their domains I’ve seen are forwarded to their developed WN.com, but in this case Emigration.com has its own site, but I believe it’s all automated development with videos as the primary content.


8. MyCite.com sold for $30,000

8. YPU.com sold for $30,000

10. SXI.com sold for $25,700

Each of the three domains above are either parked, or don’t resolve.

20. MyChoice.com for $17,877

There isn’t alot of development love this week with the names above, and that’s not too surprising, with many of the names on this week’s list being short/liquid, and most having sold on a domainer marketplace such as NameJet. I have to go all the way down to #20 to find a development example, with MyChoice.com. The site that is live promotes the rewards program for Pinnacle Entertainment’s 15 gaming properties across the United States.

my choice

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