Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Sideline.com, ANIU.com, Ohio.org, More

Jul 09 2017

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Sideline.com sold for $225,000

The app describes itself as follows, “Ditch your desk phone. Add a work number to your smartphone and keep your personal number private. Sideline is the app that adds a second number to your phone.” The site has an Alexa rank near 250,000. The company behind it is Pinger.com, which has raised over $18 million in venture funding.


2. Murabaha.com sold for $100,000

The domain was an upgrade from Murabaha.sa, which is Saudi Arabia’s extension, and it’s the home of a finance company with four bricks & mortar locations. The site has an Alexa rank near 5 million. Per Google Translate, Murabaha Finance Company started with a capital of SR 320,000,000, announcing the launch of financing activities for individuals and small and medium enterprises in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia, by providing financing products that combine international standards and values ​​that individuals and communities believe in.


3. 1396.com sold for $60,000

The domain is parked, and owned by an individual in China.

3. Pinyin.com sold for $60,000

No site resolves, and it’s owned by an individual in China.

5. ANIU.com sold for $58,000

This is the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 160,000. It appears this Chinese language site is focused on stocks & trading.


6. BPN.com sold for $55,000

No site resolves, and the domain is owned by an individual in China.

7. Janine.com sold for $50,000

You can see the screenshot below, where they tout a future social media site. Per Whois, NextEngine Ventures, LLC is the owner, and they have nearly 10,000 domains.


7. Relojes.com sold for $50,000

The domain is parked, and translates to ‘watches’, from Spanish.

9. MenFashion.com sold for $46,000

The generic description from the site says in part, At menfashion .com we give fashion forward men quick access to the finest, premium- quality , designer clothes for men“. Their Facebook link ties to URUnique.com, which forwards to AzurClub.com, which is developed around swimming apparel. Whois shows an email address of [email protected], so it may have been purchased on an installment plan. The site is getting some traffic, based on its Alexa rank near 770,000.


10. Ohio.org sold for $45,000

It’s nice to see the buyer here is the State of Ohio, and the site primarily focuses on tourism. It has an Alexa rank near 300,000.


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