Update On Top 10 Sales From A Year Ago This Week: ChicagoBlues.com, 3DCity.com, Creditos.com.mx, More

May 09 2014

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. GlobalOffice.com for $32,500

  • Domain is parked. Per Whois, it’s owned by the same individual who owns 114.com, which sold last year for $2.1 million. The owner controls other domains such as Line.com, Textile.com, and Estate.com, to name a few.

2. 3DCity.com for $29,500

  • A simple placeholder is below. Per Whois, it’s owned by a China-based company named “Bitmp3D Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.”


3. Creditos.com.mx for $19,000

  • A Spanish-language personal credit and loans site is live. Alexa rank near 1.4 million. Owned by an individual in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


3. MargaritaMachine.com for $19,000

  • Acquired by a margarita machine maker in Texas, and they have an identical site live on MargaritaGirl.com.


5. SpringChicken.co.uk for $18,120

  • They sell stuff for old people. Hearing aids, canes, walkers, etc. “At Spring Chicken, our job is to help navigate the world of products and services for older people, so as to make the experience easy – and even uplifting. “


6. Garnki.pl for $16,192

  • “Pots” in Polish, and that’s what this site focuses on, along with a variety of kitchenware. Alexa rank near 10 million.


7. Cavalli.it for $15,360

  • “Horses” in Italian, per Google Translate. A simple site is live, with a bunch of horse pictures. Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 1 million. Owned by Frezza Network, which appears to own other domains such as Ristoranti.com, Casino.it, Betting.it, and Holding.it.


8. Essentials.co.uk for $15,100

  • Redirects to AgentDesign.co.uk, a web design shop.


9. ChicagoBlues.com for $14,750

  • Owned and developed by a blues-enthusiast, who is a member of a Chicago-based blues band. Alexa rank near 3.7 million.


10. NovelTees.com for $12,500.

  • No site resolves. Owned by an individual in Virginia.
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