Update on Top 10 Sales from Two Years Ago: MyWed.com, Doctor.co.uk, OO.tv, WithMe.com, More

Oct 24 2014

We’re going two years back in time this week…..we lost alignment with DN Journal’s list somewhere along the line…..

1. Vogel.com for $75,000

  • An upgrade from Vogel.de. “Vogel Business Media, Germany’s major specialist media publisher, provides high-quality specialist media for established and up-and-coming professionals.


2. MyWed.com for $50,000

  • MyWed is Wedding Photographers contest and community.Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 135,000.


3. Doctor.co.uk for $40,248

  • Their tagline is “Healthcare for life.”, and they say they’re launching in January of 2015. However, when I did this update a year ago back at Accidental Domainer, they had the exact same placeholder, but with an expected launch date of October 2013.


4. Ristorante.it for $25,545

  • Appears to be an Italian language restaurant guide or search engine. Alexa rank around 12.5 million, so it hasn’t caught on yet.


5. JustPay.com for $25,000

  • Parked and under privacy protection.

6. OffTheBeatenTrack.com for $20,000

  • Parked, and per Whois, is owned by a Theodore Sherman of Michigan. He controls other domains/sites, such as Runner.com, TheUP.com, VisaLawyer.com, and more.

7. Credit.com.au for $18,964

  • Parked

8. Planten.nl for $18,340

  • A Dutch-language blog, “you can get the latest information about plants, seasonal tips and much more great information for the true plant lovers!” No Alexa rank.


9. OO.tv for $18,000

  • “ILOOK is a cloud-powered OTT TV platform, modeled after traditional cable, that instantly converts YouTube channels into branded mobile channel apps.”


10. MyanmarTour.com for $15,000

  • As you would expect, you’ll find a Myanmar tour operator. Alexa rank near 3.8 million.


10. PayWithCash.com for $15,000

  • Retailing behemoth Wal-Mart owns it, yet no domain resolves…….they should forward it to their ‘pay with cash’ page.

10. WithMe.com for $15,000

  • An app: “WithMe Messenger – You’re The Star! Send your friends messages with custom stickers starring YOU! Share your witty one-liners to Twitter!” Alexa rank near 7.1 million.


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