Update on Top 10 Sales from Two Years Ago: Silver.com, EAG.com, NYE.com, StockPhoto.com, More

Dec 19 2014

Going back two years in time today, below is an update on the top 10 domain sales, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Silver.com for $875,000

  • Picked up by precious metals company JM Bullion, they have developed Silver.com into a stand-alone site. Alexa rank near 135,000. “Silver.com is one of the premier destinations for investing in physical silver and gold bullion, as well as other precious metals products.”

At the time of acquisition, the company said in part, “We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Silver.com. Since our company’s inception in late 2011, we have been fortunate to benefit from tremendous growth, putting us in position to make this purchase,” said Mike Wittmeyer, CEO of JMBullion.com. “Over the next few months, we will be developing Silver.com as a parallel brand to JM Bullion, offering Silver.com clients the same outstanding customer service, pricing, and delivery times that JM Bullion clients currently enjoy.”


2. StockPhoto.com for $250,000


3. NYE.com for $175,500

  • Whois lists Joshua Perla of Times Square Organization LLC as the owner, and the site lists a variety of things to see and do on New Years Eve in New York, and the site says Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami are coming soon. Alexa rank near 3.5 million.


4. Treadmill.com for $81,250

  • You’ll find exactly what you expect at Treadmill.com. Alexa rank near 700,000. The about page lists Michael Jackness as one of the owners, and he has been involved with domains/sites such as IRA.com, OnlineStorage.com and GraphicDesign.com, to name a few.


5. WeWatch.com for $65,000

  • No website resolves, and Whois shows DNStinations.com involvement, which is involved with domain and brand protection company Mark Monitor.

6. Trumpet.com for $57,500

  • May have been an upgrade from TrumpetInsurance.com, but that domain doesn’t resolve, and Trumpet.com doesn’t yet seem to be a fully functional site.


7. VisitSanFrancisco.com for $50,000

  • You don’t see this too often —- a .com redirects to a .travel —- SanFrancisco.travel in this case. Appears to be owned by the San Francisco Travel Association, “a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)6 membership organization, headed by a Board of Directors made up of 45  business leaders from various companies, elected by the membership”


8. EAG.com for $36,000

  • An upgrade from EAGLabs.com, “Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) has delivered innovative analytical services in materials characterization (MC) and surface analysis for over 30 years.”


9. Zodia.com for $35,421

  • Two years after the acquisition, but the site is still “coming soon”.


10. Sansan.com for $30,000

  • An upgrade from Corp-Sansan.com, which is where their acquisition is redirected. “Sansan is a cloud-based business card management service for corporations”


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  1. Jon

    Hey Aaron and Shane, long time no chat. Thanks for the follow-up. Been busy working on the next phase of Stockphoto.com. Hope to have more news for your readers in the next month or two. Quite exciting. 🙂 Cheers, Jon

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